Areng Valley 

Our campaign videos consistently attract huge audiences, and get results. Videos consistently go viral, reaching hundreds of thousands - sometimes even millions - of Cambodians. Much anticipated, our video reports are talked about in homes and workplaces throughout the country. MNC’s social media team, made up entirely of young Cambodians, gets the message across in ways that connect with the Cambodian public.

There is no secret to our popular formula. We merely provide reliable content, which Cambodian people have been increasingly denied by the ruling-regime. It has systematically shut down, and sent into exile, most independent media sources in the country, leaving little behind but fake-news, which tows the party line.

Our brave campaign activist reporters refuse to be silenced. They have endured harassment, oppression, and even imprisonment. Their courage is leading by example.
We provide what the Cambodian people crave: truthful, evidence-based reports, that expose negligence and corruption, by Cambodia’s rich and powerful, on environmental issues.

Results are mounting, as time and again our videos hit home, highlighting issues that cannot be ignored. The mass social-media attention we attract gives the mainstream media stories it feels compelled to report. This builds momentum around the burning environmental and human-rights issues we seek to address. Political pressure applied to the ruling-regime, and especially to the individuals in our spotlight, has repeatedly led to changes in behaviour and policies. This has not gone unnoticed by our growing audience, hungry for political change, after decades of corrupt rule.  

To name but a few of the successes some of our short but hard-hitting videos have achieved over the last few years: We have forced the Hun Sen regime cancel plans for a large (non-productive) hydro  dam in the country's largest forest, put an end to fraudulent and destructive extraction and exportation of marine sand, pushed the government to put an end to widespread sumping of sewage water into pristine beaches, and a large etc.     


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Our first campaign, and perhaps our most successful so far. Plans by the  Phnom Penh government to flood this stunning part of the Cardamom mountains into a reservoir for an unproductive hydro-dam were stopped on its track after years of campaigning. The dam would have obliterated one of Cambodia's most important habitats for several species of wildlife - of which we highlight the extremely rare Siamese crocodile and Dragon Fish - and thrown close to 2,000 indigenous villagers out of their ancestral lands. Despite the dam having been officially cancelled, the threats to this stunning terrain persist.  READ MORE


Excessive extraction of sand causing widespread river bank collapses along Mekong river

Mother Nature Cambodia Inc.

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Raw sewage being dumped onto 

pristine beaches along Cambodia's main coastal city

No sewage, no garbage, no casinos, no out-of-control construction, and no economic land concessions. Instead, here you will find an island paradise of unparalleled beauty. 
We take pride in seeing how such a stunning place, bestowed upon us by our Khmer ancestors, still exists.  

We demand that this mysterious and jungle-clad island - the country's largest - is declared officially protected and that it remains fully preserved IN ITS CURRENT STATE for future generations of Cambodians.  


Sand Mining

Mother Nature Cambodia is one of the country's leading civil society groups, working since 2012 with frontline human rights activists to protect Cambodia's environment. 

Our main mission is to assist and work alongside those Cambodians willing to take risks. Our main work focuses on exposing to large audiences the excesses, environmental destruction, and human rights abuses that all-too-often are linked to the out-of-control development the country has been seeing for over two decades. 

Despite being subjected to arbitrary harassment on a regular basis, we continue to strive forward, informing millions of Cambodians of what is truly happening in the name of so-called development.  

Support us in protecting Cambodia's natural heritage.

For years, government agencies aided and abetted the extraction and smuggling of millions of tons of marine sand from Koh Kong's estuaries to several countries, chiefly Singapore, under the ridiculous pretext that 'estuaries need to be deepened for navigational purposes', or that it reduces 'riverbank collapse'. After years of grassroots advocacy and a hard hitting expose on wide-scale fraud by our group, exports of marine sand have stopped since late 2016.  Sadly, the extraction of river sand around Phnom Penh, which is causing widespread river bank collapses, and the secretive export of silica sand, continue unabated.


Large buildings are being illegally built right on public beaches 

Save Koh Kong Island