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October 8th, 2016

February 24th, 2016

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April 22nd, 2016





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First ever drone footage of the awesome Peam Krosaob Wildlife Sanctuary of coastal Koh Kong, one of the largest in the whole of Asia.  The footage, used many times by national media outlets when reporting on the issue of sand mining / smuggling in Cambodia, combines stunning views of the mangrove forests with large scale destructive sand mining, just before the extraction was halted.   
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Animist traditions by Cambodia's indigenous communities are under threat, chiefly caused by the failed, border-line criminal policies of the Cambodian government.  In this short video, the Chong of Areng Valley, one of the very few communities who were able to fence off the threat of forced relocation and the end of their culture, traditions and livelihoods, explain the values of one of their most important ceremonies.
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Co-founder and Director of MNC Alejandro González-Davidson, exiled out of Cambodia and subsequently blacklisted in early 2015 due to his involvement in the campaign to save the Areng Valley, sends an appeal to Prime Minister Hun Sen and asks to be allowed to return to Cambodia to defend himself against baseless charges related to our campaign against illegal sand dredging. Though the video was viewed over half a million times, and widely picked up by the media, the Prime Minister remained silent. Gonzalez-Davidson remains in the government's so-called 'blacklist', while the Koh Kong's judiciary has issued a warrant for his arrest.  
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This video, showing one of our brave young activists buried deep-neck in a pile of sand ready to be transported to Singapore, not just went viral, it also sparked nationwide revulsion at how 70 million tons of sand exports to Singapore could have 'disappeared' from Cambodia's official export data.  It also helped push for the creation of corruption inquiries, and eventually forced a temporary ban on further sand exports to Singapore.  
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May 6th, 2016

A snippet of the movie by Fran Lambrick "I am Chut Wuthy", which we posted in 5 different episodes, this shocking footage of local police trying to arrest the brave activist in the jungles of Prey Long (only to be rescued by local forest activists) was one of 2016's most viewed videos on Cambodia's Facebook world.  Chhut Wuthy was murdered, most likely on orders from vested interests linked to the country's ruling elite, in April of 2012. His death has inspired countless youth to become environmental defenders., including our group's founders. 

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One of Mother Nature Cambodia's most successful strategies has been to use social media, chiefly our own Facebook page 'Mother Nature Cambodia', to highlight not just the beauty and fragility of the areas we are striving to protect, but also to expose the corruption, human rights abuses and environmental destruction that comes hand in hand with so-called development projects under the dictatorship of Hun Sen. Our videos, a mixture of thorough investigation - online as well as grassroots-based - and short and easy to digest messages presented by brave activists, regularly reach millions of Cambodians.  Some of them have also been repeatedly picked up by the media, politicians, NGOs, etc, and have helped inspire countless others to become engaged in environmental issues afflicting our country.  And perhaps most importantly, these videos have provided a chance for Cambodians from all walks of life to express their own opinions and feelings in issues such as the protection of the environment and transparency, while at the same time holding those in charge of the government accountable for their actions. 

​Below is a compilation of our most successful videos so far, in chronological order. 

Note: to get a better idea of the high impact of our videos, mentioning number of Likes, Shares, Comments, etc, watch them on our Facebook page (link next to each video's description). Also do note that as many FB pages pick up and 're-post' our videos on their own pages, the true scale of our videos is much higher than what is depicted on our page.