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Mother Nature Cambodia  is a movement of volunteer activists devoted to the protection of Cambodia's most precious asset, our natural resources. Our direct, innovative and peaceful campaigns have so far been effective at not just holding the Cambodian government and private entities to account for some of its so-called development projects but also at positively influencing public opinion at all levels of Cambodian society. Our two main campaigns so far, against a destructive hydro-dam (which have produced no electricity) in the gorgeous Areng Valley, and the more recent campaign to stop illegal sand mining / export in Koh Kong's precious mangroves, have been a total success.  

We use donations to:

 + Support our brave environmental activists;  On principle, Mother Nature Cambodia pays no salaries to any of its members.  Instead, it relies on donations from individuals and small grants from some of our partners to pay for campaigning costs (protests, monitoring of human rights abuses, etc). Donate now to support our team of brave Cambodian activists so that the impact of our work can be bigger. 

+ Expand the scope of our work; After forcing the Cambodian government to cancel the Areng dam, and ipressuring the Singaporean government to stop buying sand from Cambodia, we are now expanding the scope of our work. Support our work so that we can expose the illegal presence of foreign fishing trawlers inside Cambodian waters, lobby the government to declare the pristine island of Koh Kong off-limits to large-scale development, and get involved in the protection of the mighty Mekong River, under threat due to illegal sand mining, large-scale hydro-dams, and overfishing. 

+ Training and empowering the local communities whom we work with so that they are aware of what their rights are, become familiar with peaceful protests as a way to defend their interests, and demand and end to the destruction of the natural resources they all depend on;  Mother Nature Cambodia's most vital partners in the protection of the environment are these communities, with your support we can ensure that they are strong enough to take over from us in the long run and defend their way of life, and the nature that surrounds them, all by themselves. 

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