Sihanoukville, development

or destruction?


No sewage, no garbage, no casinos, no out-of-control construction, and no economic land concessions. Instead, here you will find Cambodia’s largest island, a paradise of unparalleled beauty. 
We have pride in seeing how such an amazing place, bestowed upon us by our Khmer ancestors, still exists. To avoid that this beautiful island ends up seeing the kind of 'development' (destruction) affecting Sihanoukville city and most of the province's islands, we demand that this mysterious and little-known island is declared a National park by the Ministry of Environment and we demand that it remains preserved as it is now. 

For years, government agencies aided and abetted the illegal extraction and smuggling of millions of tons of marine sand from Koh Kong's precious estuaries to several Asian countries, chiefly Singapore, under the ridiculous pretext that 'estuaries need to be deepened for navigational purposes', or 'dredging reduces flooding and riverbank collapse'. After years of grassroots advocacy and a hard hitting expose on wide-scale fraud by our group, exports have stopped since late 2016.  Sadly, out of control dredging of river sand across the country, and mining of rare silica sand, continue unabated. / READ MORE 

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Yet another environmental crisis is unfolding under the 'wise & wondrous' leadership of Samdech Hun Sen, the increasingly authoritarian Prime Minister of Cambodia. The once-tranquil coastal city of Sihanoukville is seeing how countless new buildings - the vast majority of them owned by and geared towards Chinese nationals - are sprouting up everywhere, with laws, regulations, and the opinion of local residents blatantly ignored, 
The end result? Mountains of garbage everywhere, beaches ruined by untreated sewage, floods that last hours if not days, the list is sadly endless.  

Saving Areng Valley 

Our first campaign, and perhaps our most successful so far. Plans by the  Phnom Penh government to flood this stunning part of the Cardamom mountains into a reservoir for an unproductive hydro-dam were stopped on its track after years of campaigning. The dam would have obliterated one of Cambodia's most important habitats for several species of wildlife - of which we highlight the extremely rare Siamese crocodile and Dragon Fish - and thrown close to 2,000 indigenous villagers out of their ancestral lands. Despite the dam having been officially cancelled, the threats to this stunning terrain persist.  Read more here

Sand Mining Scams

The mighty Mekong River, one of Asia's most important waterways and vital to the livelihoods of millions of Cambodians, is under serious threat.  Largely-unregulated extraction of sand and gravel, mega dams built in China, Laos and now Cambodia that block fish migration and sediments, over fishing, ... the list is sadly endless. Mother Nature Cambodia is working alongside communities affected by some of these most destructive 'development' projects, with the aim of ensuring that their rights and needs are not trampled upon by the usual greed and blindness of the dictatorship and their partners in the private-sector.    

SOS Mekong River 

​​​​​Mother Nature Cambodia is fighting to put an end the systematic destruction of Cambodia's natural heritage, done more often than not under the facade of 'development', 'job creation' and'economic growth'.  We do so by mainly by exposing the corruption, incompetence and abuse of power that lies behind it to massive audiences through our popular Facebook page and mainstream media, but also by empowering & supporting the brave activists at the fore front of vital struggles for nature.     

Despite the recent transformation over the last two years of our beloved country into a one-party state, we - and many others - continue to strive. Join us in protecting Cambodia's natural heritage and the rights of those whose livelihoods depend on it.