11 January 2017

Singapore and Cambodia: A Relationship Built on Sand

05 January 2017

Cambodian Sand Could Build a Foundation for Legal Action in Singapore
Radio Free Asia

Mother Nature Cambodia  set up this very special social enterprise in 2013, with the aim of taking tourists to the Areng Valley of Koh Kong in southwestern Cambodia, to complement our ongoing advocacy campaign against a hydro-dam project. We wanted not just to show to outsiders the fragile beauty of that stunning terrain, but to also prove to the government that developing the valley as a place for quality tourism made much more sense than destroying it to make way for a dam that was going to produce close to no electricity at all.  The idea

clicked on, the government placed a

moratorium on the dam and the valley is

slowly becoming a place of pilgrimage for

responsible visitors, especially young


We are now in the process of expanding

that same idea onto the stunning coastal

mangrove forests of Koh Kong affected by

illegal sand mining, as well ​as other parts of

Koh Kong.  

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In 2013, the Ministry of Mines and Energy and the Chinese energy giant Sinohydro were aiming to build a huge hydro-dam that would have obliterated the precious Areng Valley., home to more than 30 species of rare and or endangered species of wildlife.  The project had already been dumped twice before by two other companies for being uneconomic.  We teamed up with local indigenous communities and activists from across the country and managed to force the government to

cancel the project. 

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Sand Mining Scam

24 January 2017

Singapore, Cambodia Say Sand Exports Have Stopped

Mother Nature Cambodia is a Cambodian grassroots movement fighting to put an end to the systematic destruction of Cambodia's precious natural resources by powerful state and non-state actors. Cambodia has seen in the last 25 years rampant destruction of its once-pristine natural resources under the facade of 'energy generation', 'job creation', 'poverty reduction', etc.

Our innovative approach has so far achieved remarkable successes, having already forced the Cambodian government and powerful private companies to pull out of two the highly destructive projects we have fought against since we got started in 2013.  Our success lies in the following factors: we are a small team of brave volunteers, based in the areas we are striving to protect; our campaign relies on thorough research and investigation; we regard the local communities affected by destructive projects as our most important partners; and, above all, we put special emphasis on exposing to the wider public the campaigns we are fighting.

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For years, the Cambodian government allowed and coordinated the uncontrolled extraction and export of millions of tons of coastal sand to Singapore, under the excuse that these estuaries 'needed to be deepened for navigational purposes'. After two years of advocacy and a hard hitting exposé on wide-scale corruption lead by our group, the sand mining for exports have been stopped, for now.

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largest mangrove ecosystems from this state-sponsored destruction.  

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Tree-blessiong ceremony;
Ta Tai Wildlife Sanctuary, Nov-2016

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